Climbers are excellent for covering walls, arches, trellis and fencing. We have a wide range available, including Ivy’s, Clematis, Jasmine and Honeysuckle.

Here are a few examples

Clematis Nellymoser

One of our best sellers, the ever popular Nellymoser is fast growing and produces large, rich pink flowers, blooms twice in season, late spring and then late summer.
Other varieties available are Montana Rubens, Jackmanii and The president.
Height of 3m and spread of 1m can be expected.
Subject to availability


Honeysuckle Belgica

Belgica is a vigorous climber that produces masses of delightfully scented purple and yellow flowers through the summer.
Other varieties available are Serotina,Henryi and Graham Thomas.
Height of 3m and spread of 1m can be expected.


Parthenocissus Veitchii

Veitchii (Boston Ivy) is a vigorous, self-clinging deciduous climber with bright green leaves that turn dark red / purple in autumn. As a result, Veitchii is a striking climbing plant for brightening up a bare wall, a pergola or fence.
Parthenocissus quinquefolia and henryana also available.
Eventual height of 50ft and spread of 20 ft can be expected through time.


Wisteria sinensis

Also known as Chinese Wisteria, this is a very vigorous and quick growing climber, which flowers with gloriously scented long purple or white flowers in spring.
Eventual height of 30ft and spread of 15ft can be expected.


Hedera Goldheart

Hedera Goldheart is an evergreen climbing perennial. The vine has small, heart shaped dark green leaves with pale gold centres and pink stems.

Other vaireties are available, Gold Child.


Russian Vine

Russian Vine is an extremely vigorous and fast-growing climber, with heart-shaped dark green leaves and which produces funnel shaped white flowers in August and September.
Height of 40ft and spread of 13ft can be expected.


Pyracantha Orange Glow

Wall shrub with orange berries in autumn
Can also be planted as a large shrub or hedge
Pyacantha plantsĀ available in red and yellow berries


Solanum Glasnevin

Semi-evergreen climber thatĀ  has blue flowers from July to September

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