Watering Systems

At Ashwood Garden Centres we stock a huge range of Hozelock watering system products including hose reels,  spray guns, fittings and sprayers.
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Garden Hoses

Hozelock 25m hose, a hardwearing hose for heavy use applications.
Other sizes available 15m and 50m.


Easy Rewind Hose Reel Compact 2 in 1

A fully enclosed 2 in 1 reel for use free-standing or wall mounted.  Perfect for medium size gardens.  The enclosed design protects the hose from wear and tear.  Includes a carry handle meaning easy to move and store.


Hozelock Killaspray

Heavy duty pressure sprayer range providing easy and cost effective application of water, pesticides and fungicides as well as watering and plant feeding.  A useful tool for every gardener.
Sizes available: 5 , 10 and 16 Litre.


Aquastorm 360 Spike Gear Drive Sprinkler

Aquastorm gear drive a great lawn sprinkler designed to give 100% even water coverage regardless of the water pressure.  Settings allow you to adjust the sprinkler to do a full circle or part of a circle.
This sprinkler has 5 jets which covers an area of approx 314m2 or 20m diameter. 


Hose end connector

Suitable for use with all 12.5 mm 1/2″ and 15mm 5/8ths” hose.  This connector is ultra tough for a long leak free life.  The sleeve is easy to use even when wet because of the twin soft touch pads.
The hose is firmly connected thanks to barbs that connect with the inside and outside of the hose.  Hose kinking , Hose swelling, and hose leaking at the connection point with the fitting is virtually eliminated due to the ingenius flexible hose-tail on the nut.

Other Hozelock Fittings:
We stock a full range of fittings including tap connectors, hose end connector and hose repair connectors.


Mult Spray Gun

Includes five spray patterns, good for cleaning, fan for rinsing soap off cars, fast for filling watering cans and other containers, provides a gentle mist for watering plants.
Easy use flow control saves up to 50% of  water

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