Grow Your Own

Grow Your Own

There has never been a better time to grow your own fruit and vegetables.

At Ashwood Garden Centres we have an extensive range of gardening products, help and advice from experienced staff so that anyone can have a go.

Become a self sufficient gardener today, have a healthier diet and save money.  Check out more benefits to grow you own and useful links.

If you need further information please contact us or visit one of our centres.

Benefits to Grow You Own:

  • Price: In the current financial climate we see so many people returning to their roots and growing their own fruit and veg to save on those precious pennies.
    Seeds are cheap and often can cost less that one head of lettuce! So get  growing and start saving ….!
  • Health: We all know that we need to eat those important 5 a day! growing your own fruit and veg will be a plus for all the family ensuring they receive their 5 a day fresh from the garden, this way you are in control of pesticides and herbicides application if you use them which in turn means there are less chemicals in the food you are eating!
    Eating fresh from the garden means the food you eat will have more nutrients, vitamins, antioxidants and minerals that will boost your immune system.
  • Environment: Do your bit for the environment save on waste and reduce your carbon foot print, growing your own food means their will be less plastic bags and packaging used, reduced transportation impact from shipping, also reduced number of visits to the supermarket will mean more time for gardening!
  • Children: Educate your children: bring them into the garden, engage their interest in growing fruit and veg, encourage them to grow their own have their own, to look after.  This way they are more likely to eat their own 5 a day if they have grown it themselves!
  • Variety: You choose! Decide what you would like to have growing in your garden there are endless choices out there, view our table below for some inspiration!
  • Taste: Food picked fresh from the garden tastes so much better than food that has been in storage for a week before you buy it from your local store!
  • Compost: You can compost the dead plant matter at the end of the year and use it in the soil the following year
  • Excercise: Think of the excercise you will do planting, growing and watering your plants this is a great way to stay healthy!

Be inspired… here are some options of popular Fruit and Vegetables you could grow in your garden


Asparagus Aubergine Beetroot Broadbean
Brocoli Brussel Sprouts Cabbage Carrott
Cauliflower Celery Corn Salad Pumpkin
Cucumber French Beans Garlic Lettuce
Leeks Onions & Shallots Parsnips Peas
Potatoes Peppers Raddishes Rhubarb
Rocket Runnerbeans Soya beans Spinach
Sweet corn Sweet Potato Tomatoes Turnip


Apples Blackberries Blackcurrants
Blueberries Cherries Citrus
Blackberries Gooseberries Currants
Grapes Rasberries Pears
Plums Quince Strawberries

Browse through our website for grow your own products to get you started:

Vegetable Plants Fruit Trees Garden Tools Plant Food

Here are some external useful tips and hints on growing your own fruit and vegetables:

BBC Grow your own

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