Plant Care

We also stock products to look after your plants.

Plant food
Pest and disease…. a range of chemicals to keep your plants healthy
Plant supports……canes and tellins.

Rose Clear 4 Gun

Ready to use hand sprayer that controls powdery mildew and bugs such as whitefly, blackfly, greenfly, red spider
mite, thrips and mealy bugs
Volume: 800 ml


Slug Clear Advance Pellets

Efficient pellets that help you control slugs and snails in your garden.  Contains 50% less chemical that other slug pellets. For use in warm damp conditions,
sprinkle thinly around vunerable plants for example, Lettuce, Hostas and Tulips.
Size: 700g


Fruit & Vegtable disease control

Containing 6 sachets it controls common fungal diseases on selected crops including
Potato, Tomato, Peach and Apple.


Westland Plant Rescue

Use on roses and other ornamentals, controls blackspot, mildew and rust.
Non toxic to Bees, contains Difenoconazole
Volume:  750ml


Bayer Multi rose 3 in 1

Use on roses and other ornamentals to control bugs, it kills most common and difficult
insect pests for example greenfly, white fly, blackfly and caterpillar.
Volume:  400ml


Dithane 945

Controls blackspot, downy mildew, tomato and potato blight, leaf spot and rust.
Size:  300g

Plus a full range of Scott and Bayer products in stock

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